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Mindset is the mental attitude or perspective from which you approach life (Welch & Welch). So How do you manage your mindset? The answer to this question isn't set in stone, but the strategies you can implement are: Know your WHY, Find fuel from positive energy, create your consistency, and watch yourself begin to achieve the visions your mind has always [SEE]n.  

Know Your Why

It all starts with uncovering your real WHY. Start by asking yourself why you have the goals you do, but don't allow yourself to give the quick and superficial answer that immediately pops into your head - your WHY is much more than just wanting to look good on your vacation - and you should be thinking about the actual reason you want to create change and achieve your goals instead. Uncovering your real WHY may take some time, but In order for it to have lasting value, it needs to be deep-rooted and authentic.

Choose The GROWTH Mindset

Once you know your real WHY, you have officially found your source of motivation. 

From there, you can begin to build up positive motivation by focusing on long-term growth rather than short-term struggles. It's also important to realize that the right mentality can make all the difference when trying to reach your goals - because when it comes to choosing how you handle struggles, deal with adversity, and treat yourself, you have two options: a GROWTH mindset or a FIXED mindset. The difference between the two is where the source of motivation comes from:

A Fixed mentality finds motivation in negativity. Those who adopt this mindset see failure as confirmation of their negative beliefs. They choose to beat themselves up mentally over decisions or mistakes they already can't undo. Dwelling on negativity is not only a waste of time, but it also makes performing at your highest level nearly impossible. 

On the other hand, a Growth mindset sees struggle as an opportunity for personal development; setbacks become opportunities for learning, improving performance, and achieving success. This mindset allows you to [SEE] the bigger picture and sets you up for consistent, long-term growth. 

Create Your Consistency

The last step in mindset management? Creating your own consistency. 

Creating consistency requires you to be self-motivated. This is not something that can be done overnight, but over time, you can condition your mind to lock back into your WHY when you lose focus. As with anything, you can't expect to be perfect all the time; thankfully, creating consistency isn't about perfection, it's about getting back on track every time you fall off. Setbacks happen and you will never succeed if you don't learn how to get back up and move forward - and when you do get back up, always move forward w/ the bigger picture in mind. 

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