The Power of Clothing


Why do so many of us take time out of our day to pick out what we want to wear? We want to look good, but why? When going to an important meeting or event, it is very common for people to want to dress up or ‘look the part.’ The reasoning behind this is simple; When you look good you feel good. Although, when looking deeper into the reasoning behind wanting to “dress for success” it becomes clear that the power of clothing is much more than just looks.


Clothing is capable of having a significant impact on our mental health; And despite looking the part and dressing for success being different depending on the activity or event, the base concept remains the same. The clothing you choose to wear affects how you feel; But Why? 

One of the main ways we express ourselves visually is through clothing. What we decide to wear has the ability to represent who we are and what we like. Clothing’s influence on self confidence is undeniable; however, what we wear can also be connected to a deeper meaning. These more meaningful connections are different for every individual; but regardless, using fashion to symbolize a mentality or memory is very common and incredibly impactful on our minds. 


Building upon clothing’s impact on mental health, unlocking the power of clothing is all about wearing your why. Clothing that makes you feel motivated and driven towards your goals. One of the most difficult parts of unlocking the power of clothing is actually finding products that are capable of inspiring you. All types of clothing can impact our minds, but in order to be driven to chase after what you desire most, your clothing must also serve as a reminder of your goals. If you wear clothing that doesn’t hold any value other than at the most basic level, how can you even begin to be motivated from it? You can’t. 

SeeingDreams looks to unlock the power of clothing by combining the right mindset with meaningful designs. Instead of creating the typical motivational clothing, the inspirational aspect of SeeingDreams products comes from the connection each individual creates. All of our designs, logos, and storylines align with the [SEE] Mentality, however how each member of our community #WearDreams is unique to them. SeeingDreams provides the foundation for chasing goals, but encourages everyone to apply each concept to their own visions. 

SeeingDreams understands that when you look good, you feel good. However, when you #WearDreams: you look good, feel good, and work harder.