Our 1-year Guarantee | Made to last.

The Why Chain is 3mm thick, Engineered from surgical steel and constructed with an additional welded bond between each chain link. Making both Why Chain styles resilient against sweat, saltwater, sunlight, corrosion, and breakage - allowing you to remember your why, wherever you are, doing whatever it is you do.

and because we believe in the 24/7 capabilities of the why chain, We offer a 1-year guarantee for email list members only (free to join). If your Why Chain doesn't hold up through the first 365 days of wear, reach out for brand new chain or full refund. 
Military, Educators, Athletes | Save 25%

Military & First Responders: All active duty, veterans, and reservists. Police, firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics. Examples of Proof: Redacted military ID, DD214 form, badge, or service ID. 

Educators: Teachers, school staff, personal trainers, and coaches. Examples of Proof: School ID, employment letter, certification, or professional ID. 

Athletes: Athletes of all levels and ages, from amateur to professional. Examples of Proof: Photo in uniform, competition photo, team membership card. 

*We are still working on building a verification form. In the mean time, simply email support@seeingdreams.com with your: Full Name, Discount Type (military, educator, athlete), and Your File/Image for Proof.* We will verify your info and email back your discount in 24-48 hours.