Philosophy & Design Principles

Our Philosophy:

At SeeingDreams, we don’t believe in defining what success looks like. Rather than telling you how to [SEE], we believe in providing you with concepts that provoke thought and allow for both self-reflection and personal connection to SeeingDreams in a way that resonates with you and your visions - therefore creating the opportunity for our designs to serve as visual reminders of your unique connection.

Design Principles: 

1. Visual Reminders

We believe that it's the visual reminders in our daily lives that have the greatest impact. Which is why SeeingDreams doesn’t tell you how to be motivated, instead, we create products to serve as visual reminders of your unique visions and thoughts. Once you begin to get into a habit of using visual cues to remember your aspirations and positive thoughts, we truly believe that focusing on the visual will begin to make a significant impact on your motivation and outlook - allowing you to experience the full impact of [seeing] dreams in your daily life.

2. Emotional Significance

SeeingDreams is dedicated to creating a personal connection between you and our products. We view motivational clothing differently and don't believe that a clothing piece has to blatantly show that it's motivational to be so. Instead, our focus is on creating designs and products that serve as visual reminders of your unique visions and thoughts. The goal is to evoke emotions, and be thought-provoking; much like your favorite childhood items that hold deep significance to you because of the memories and stories you have with them. Each product we design has an aspect of our brand present, allowing for your personal connection to be seen through each piece. As you wear our products, the more memories you'll make and the deeper the visual connection you’ll have towards your dreams will be.

3. Multi-Purpose

We are dedicated to designing multi-purpose athleisure that can be worn in a variety of settings, not just for workouts. This focus on versatility is what gives you more opportunities to #weardreams and express your unique visions. Our collections feature a mixture of eye-catching pieces and wardrobe staples, offering diverse options for you to visually connect with your goals. At SeeingDreams, we believe in empowering individuals to connect with their dreams through our clothing and unique visuals, and our multi-purpose design principle is a key aspect in realizing that mission.